Uplift The Performance Of Your Whole Team

Our mission is to radically improve the engagement and capability of contact centre teams by helping them connect better with each other and with customers.

Understanding what motivates and engages individual team members and provides a sense of accomplishment and pride is critical to improving each individuals performance and the overall customer experience.

Through deep analytics, Datagamz provides the insights needed to identify the best behaviours and then applies game mechanics to tap into individual motivations as a way to entrench and reward good performance – creating an engaged, productive workplace. We are proud to have successfully completed this mission for over 10,000 individuals since our inception.

Our Philosophy

At Datagamz we believe that every individual is the source of their own meaning, and tapping into this is the key to engaging employees who are motivated to improve their performance. While some people enjoy competition and want to be the best, others may just want to be better than they were yesterday, or see their contributions measured and be recognised, individually or as a team.

Self-Determination Theory (SDT), a macro theory of human motivation, recognises three conditions that support a person’s motivation; experiences of autonomy, competence, and relatedness.

These are argued to foster the most volitional and high quality forms of motivation and engagement for activities, including enhanced performance, persistence, and creativity. It is therefore vitally important that enterprise gamification platforms provide a range of mechanics and features aimed at fostering these three conditions.

Datagamz uses Self Determination Theory to inform its game mechanics and features


People will flourish where they are able to develop and demonstrate competence in their work, to achieve control over outcomes and experience mastery.

Datagamz Features/Mechanics
  • See your performance measured in points
  • Work towards target levels
  • Check the leader board to track your improvement
  • Get real-time data on how you’re performing
  • Receive automated pop-up encouragement messages
  • Develop knowledge by taking quizzes

People will flourish where they are given experiences of meaningful choice, able to express their sense of self and are empowered to feel like the author of their own actions.

Datagamz Features/Mechanics
  • Create customised challenges
  • Choose which friends to follow
  • Set yourself personal goals
  • Choose the reward that’s right for you
  • See your hard work pay off on the Leader boards
  • Choose your own song and avatar

People will flourish where they are able to feel connected with others, where there are opportunities to interact and create shared meaning, adopt similar goals and demonstrate care for others.

Datagamz Features/Mechanics
  • Organise teams and compete to reach a shared goal
  • Challenge your friends to a friendly competition.
  • Follow people you admire or want to compare yourself