Transform data into insight

Datagamz Analytics offers four new powerful techniques to help uncover and leverage insights into productivity and performance.


Out of the box connection centre is designed to help operations managers and IT teams build a 360-degree view of performance across a variety of platforms, sites and systems – so you can explore the full extent of your contact centre performance.

2. Correlate

Use our list of pre-built reports to correlate all of the data. The platform includes overall contact centre performance statistics; Impact reporting on knowledge and training; and Call quality reporting. Or create your own personalised reports using the extendible BI toolkit

3. Play

Combine the performance analytics of your contact centre into live, unified games, that can listen and react to changing employee behaviour.

4. Report and Adapt

The advanced notification mechanism provides real-time reporting on the impact of games and challenges. So you can simultaneously adapt the programmes and keep customers, users, managers and executives informed in real time, about how you are meeting the expected customer experience.