Let’s transform your CX

Engagement is key to customer happiness

Radically improve the culture and capability of your contact centre team.

As automation takes on the transactional duties of customer care, your team needs to handle much more complex queries to reinforce (or rescue) the customer experience – this requires much greater skill, enthusiasm and confidence than ever before.

Using deep insights and game mechanics, Datagamz can help you understand, engage and motivate your people so you can help them to be the confident, capable team members customers want.

Know your team

How successful your team is in delivering great customer care often comes down to a mixture of environment and personality. Work can be irregular, repetitive and dull, or highly pressured – all of which can be stressful. It may be hard to onboard and upskill new employees. Team members might be demotivated by a lack of purpose or sense of achievement, or frustrated by poor communications and difficult systems.

By surveying teams and analyzing data from all major CRM’s, telephony, NPS, learning and knowledge management systems Datagamz can help isolate the blockers to performance and identify behaviours and habits to boost it.

Put together a game plan

Once you understand which behaviours your organization needs to boost customer service performance, it’s important to understand how team members can be motivated to adopt them. Some will be motivated by status or achievement, others by collaboration or altruism. Datagamz uses game mechanics to tap into these motivations and the intrinsic rewards they provide to help you entrench and reward good performance habits.

Measure, communicate, adapt

Every initiative you undertake to improve performance needs to be quickly measured – has it worked; if not why not? How can you adapt the game for a better outcome? Datagamz provides near real-time impact reports so you can understand and adapt the game to get the best results.

Poor quality and the customer experience

The Behavior Analyzer in the Datagamz Gamification platform takes employee taxonomy and behavior patterns and links them with data, using an algorithm that can get to the bottom of poor customer service and employee performance.

Creativity and Empowerment

As employees leverage game mechanics to explore the services and solutions on offer and deepen their understanding of the customer's point of view, so they build confidence and develop greater empathy with the customer - offering more creative solutions to customer issues.

Badges and Challenges

Badges and challenges help employees feel empowered. For example a badge recognizing a team member as knowledgeable on a particular topic, raises their status on the team, making them feel recognised and more confident in their customer and team interactions. Datagamz Gamification platform is designed to drive these simple behavior parameters effectively which, when put together, will drive a better customer experience.