Game Your Teams Happy!

Game your way to a better contact centre

Datagamz Gamification platform translates behaviours that will improve productivity into badges, quests and challenges for individuals and teams.

Earn Points

Earn points for productive behaviour such as recording active leads or updating customer account details. Datagamz Gamification uses a points system for employees to level up, earn badges, or earn additional extrinsic rewards.

Learn and Level Up

Create quizzes to teach employees new skills and post their achievements on live, broadcast activity feeds. Reward skill building with fun giveaways or lottery prizes.


Datagamz Gamification makes mundane tasks interesting by turning employees into gamers. As employees update leads or close a support tickets they can move up in a leaderboard or win a cup.

Game Targets

Datagamz Gamification helps employees understand work in clear game missions. Datagamz Gamification provides instant feedback on behaviours that contribute to the success of a particular campaign.

Manage without micromanaging

Manage entire teams and employees using Datagamz Gamification’s game console. Get live feedback on employee metrics, mission progress and rules to improve your contact centre’s culture.

Behaviour & Performance Analytics

Datagamz analytics pinpoints employee behaviours such as punctuality, CRM usage and KPIs for managers to give feedback and set goals for improvement and productivity.

Compete or Team Up

Create competitions for the lowest call handle time or lead conversions to boost employee performance. By analysing individual metrics, create specialised teams for certain strengths such as customer relations or call resolutions.

Manage Performance

Tap into employee intrinsic and extrinsic motivators. Use Datagamz Gamification to clearly and simply roll out personalised employee performance plan through game play.

Automate Rules and Behaviours

Datagamz Gamification helps regulate rules for behaviours such as customer satisfaction or minimising call handle time through an automated system. Give points for adherence to these rules to improve work culture and productivity.

Broadcast success; celebrate stories, knowledge

Broadcast Success

Put contact centre TV screen displays to full use with live streaming of campaign progress, leaderboards and achievements. Motivate teams by displaying work progress as a game.

Environment of Fun

Use TV streaming to announce employee achievements and milestones. Datagamz Gamification gives employees the autonomy to play music of their choice on the completion of a major milestone.

Engaging Narratives

Let Datagamz Gamification combine the performance analytics of your contact centre into a live, unified game. Represent higher service levels in the form of a constructing skyscrapers or a competition between employees as a car race. The possible narratives are endless.

Identify Knowledge Gurus

Datagamz Gamification’s TV streaming easily spots and highlights the knowledge gurus in your contact centre. So as a manager you can easily identify who the influencers are. New employees can then be easily motivated to learn and collaborate with the right people.