Bring out the best in your team

Sales success is a team pursuit

Uplift the performance of every team member.

To really drive sales growth in the contact centre, you can’t rely on the brilliance of individual performers alone. It is just as important to foster and encourage sales capabilities in all your team members. This means understanding what their blockers and demotivators are and offering ways to reframe or overcome them to improve confidence and engagement.

Link psychology & performance

Poor sales performance isn’t always an issue of capability. Team members may be demotivated by bad communications, frustrated by hard to use systems or unimpressed with the rewards and recognition on offer.

By surveying teams and analyzing data from all major CRM’s, telephony, NPS, learning and knowledge management systems Datagamz can help isolate the blockers to good sales performance and identify behaviours and habits that boost sales.

Encourage, reward good habits

Once you understand which behaviours your organization needs to boost sales performance, it’s important to understand how team members can be motivated to adopt them. Some will be motivated by status or achievement, others by collaboration or altruism.

Datagamz uses game mechanics to tap into these motivations and the intrinsic rewards they provide to help you entrench and reward good habits.

Fail fast, adapt quickly

Every initiative you undertake to improve sales performance needs to be quickly measured – has it worked? If not, why not? How can you adapt the game for a better outcome?

Datagamz provides near real-time impact reports so you can understand and adapt the game to get the best results.

Sales Behaviour Analyzer

The Behavior Analyzer in the Datagamz Gamification platform takes employee taxonomy and behavior patterns and links them with data, using an algorithm that can get to the bottom of poor sales performance.

Accomplishment as development

Our research shows that poor sales can be linked to a lower sense of accomplishment. Datagamz can help you set simple but meaningful challenges that increase in complexity over time – so your team can start accomplishing quickly and grow from there.

Points and Levels

Always start with simple behaviors that are easy to achieve and give employees points as rewards for fulfilling these tasks. Levels should be easy to climb initially, getting harder as the user progresses - just like any other game. They should also be embedded in the normal working environment. Datagamz integrates with every major contact centre tool ensuring a seamless experience.