The Fundamental Performance Tool

Managing performance can be tough and managing people can be even tougher! Datagamz provides a methodology and tool to help drive high performing and engaged teams.

For Contact Centers

By adding Datagamz gamification to your workplace, you’ll be able to drive both engagement and performance across both metrics and behaviours. Plus build a connected and knowledgeable culture that wants to succeed for both themselves and the customer.

For Remote Employees

Working from home, or commuting back and forth to work, regardless where you are you will also be connected. Datagamz adapts to any screen, mobile, tablet or desktop! With their announcements, notifications and clear goals makes working from home a social and connected experience.

For Sales Teams

Closing sales consistently throughout the month, or increasing the sales conversion, Datagamz gamification and analytics platforms are here to help! Keeping a track of sales progress with the ability to hit the sale buzzer in real-time!

Let’s get to work

Finally get the results you’re after, and build the high-performing culture you’ve been waiting for today.