Match EX with CX using Datagamz advanced game challenges and badges

Challenges and lottery Instantly tap into human behavior psychology and motivation science; agents and team leaders are motivated or challenged to perform behaviours that will drive CX.

Agents can Challenge Each Other

  • Agents are the best change agents of culture and can influence each others behaviour through challenges
  • Challenges can be short term or long term allowing agents to friendly competitions amongst one another
  • Agents can win lottery tickets for simply participating in challenges

Weekly Lottery Draw

  • We believe Participation is more important than winning
  • Agents that participates in challenges have chance of winning
  • Drive the culture of participation in your organization by instantly recognizing winners of weekly lottery draw
  • Winners of weekly lottery draw are announced on TV screens, notifications and through announcement portal

Challenge Analytics & Insights

  • Analyse and understand agent motivations and performance improvements through our challenge analytics
  • Analyse the impact of challenges on key motivation stats such as absenteeism and attrition of agents
  • Create new challenges instantly based on business needs or changing priorities
  • Challenge analytics is an amazing way to ensure entire organization is working in the same direction

“Datagamz Team built an entire PowerBI analytics solution for us in and under 5 days using contact center, WFM, survey, and quality data. Data from analytics reports are used to gamify agent performance. We saw ROI in under 90 days! Awesome team and awesome change management methodology. Love this solution.”


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