Transforming Contact Centre Performance

By gamifying the workplace and making performance measures visible, agents can see where they stand, are inspired to improve, and find work more enjoyable.

Employee Engagement is Key to Customer Happiness

As employees leverage Datagamz game mechanics to explore the services and solutions on offer and deepen their understanding of the customer’s point of view, so they build confidence and develop greater empathy with the customer – offering more creative solutions to customer issues.

Game the Future – Please the People!

Radically improve your ability to please your customers (and your customer’s customers).

As automation improves and takes on the transactional duties of customer care, BPO teams need to be better skilled at managing complex customer issues with the power to reinforce (or rescue) the customer experience. This means your team has to have greater acumen and capability than ever before.

Using deep insights and game mechanics, Datagamz can help you understand, engage and upskill your people to be the smart, stable, and capable team members your customers need.

Understand Your Environment and Your Team

BPOs often report low morale and high absenteeism, a major impediment to the skilled, stable workforce modern contact centers require. Understanding why the staff is so frustrated is critical: is the work repetitive and dull, or highly pressured? Is it too hard to onboard and upskill new people? Our team members demotivated by a lack of purpose or sense of achievement? Or could they be frustrated by poor communications and difficult systems?

By surveying teams and analyzing data from all major CRMs, telephony, NPS, learning, and knowledge management systems, Datagamz can help isolate the blockers to performance and identify behaviors and habits to boost it.

Put Together a Game Plan

Once you understand which behaviors your organization needs to boost customer service performance, it’s important to understand how team members can be motivated to adopt them. Some will be motivated by status or achievement, others by collaboration or altruism. Datagamz uses game mechanics to tap into these motivations and the intrinsic rewards they provide to help you entrench and reward good performance habits.

Measure, Communicate, Adapt

Every initiative you undertake to improve performance needs to be quickly measured – has it worked? If not, why not? How can you adapt the game for a better outcome? Datagamz provides near real-time impact reports so you can understand and adapt the game to get the best results.

Turbocharge Your Contact Centre

Uplift your contact centre performance using Datagamz.