Personalise performance for agents, managers and teams through Datagamz dashboards

Gamification platform translates behaviors that will improve productivity into badges, quests and challenges for individuals and teams

360 Degree Embedded Performance view

  • Embed iFrames and game elements inside the application of use be it CRM, agent desktop or knowledge management system
  • Get timely, engaging and motivating notifications to drive performance
  • Helps agents adapt CRM’s, ERP systems and knowledge management systems faster through gamified onboarding guidelines and tight iframe integrations

Call Centre Agent Performance Dashboard

  • Engaging apple rings like vizualisation to help agents focus on performance behaviours that matter
  • Build a culture which is engaging and high performing in all the right areas
  • Increase the speed of feedback from monthly feedback to daily feedback
  • Achieving a balance between metrical and behavioral measures aligned to your strategy
  • With changing working environments and WFH workforce increasing, the need to reward and acknowledge performance

Supervisor Performance Dashboard

  • Helps supervisors and team leaders focus on agent behaviours not on creating reports
  • Focus on low performing agent behaviours and motivate through challenges, badges or one on one sessions
  • Manage agent performance without micromanaging
  • Get live feedback on employee metrics, mission progress and rules to improve your contact centre culture

Deep Performance and Behaviour Analytics for Manager/Executive

  • Holistic view of both center and agent performance which correlates data and identifies areas of focus across 20+ tried and tested real-time and historical dashboards; using data across WFM, Quality, Post Call Survey, agent queues and unified communication
  • Access our pre-built contact center centric reports, tailored to high performing centers
  • Capability to build your own reports by adjusting an existing report or building a new one
  • Earn trust with stakeholders using one source of truth, having full confidence with data and insights

“We are constrained by the ability to share the data to gamify! Datagamz platform is awesome it allowed us to upload the stats and gamify key metrics. Our operations teams are in love with Datagamz as it has become the core performance tool to run operations.”

Let’s get to work

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