Deliver the Datagamz experience everywhere. Keep your team connected and motivated.

Deliver the same, exciting Datagamz experience to your employees working from home or on the road. With multiple ways to engage your team from anywhere, through Datagamz notifications, challenges, Jabra, CT suite integrations.

Datagamz Remote Communications Solution

Datagamz TV broadcast, a news feed, and announcements is an all-in-one communications hub for anyone working from home. Leverage our gamified and adaptable communications platform, view info, and stay connected. Team leaders, managers, and agents can understand progress, get company updates and stay tuned to customer needs. Moreover, employees can earn points, badges, and rewards for sharing information or liking the content.

Notifications and Challenges

Datagamz data-driven notifications will pinpoint behaviors employees need to focus on. Managers and team leaders can send challenges such as “do your yoga training” or reward “saying hello” to everyone in the team. This helps employees stay connected and adapt healthy work from home habits.

Jabra® Headsets

Datagamz are proud to be an exclusive partner with Jabra. Datagamz data insights understand and read background audio quality for work from agents. This helps workforce management teams help agents right shifts or helps organizations provide the right support to agents.

Datagamz with CT Suite

CT Suite is an omnichannel agent desktop for anyone working from home or from the office. Leverage this customized solution to provide customers with email, chat, voice, and audio support. Datagamz is proud to be an exclusive partner with CT suite, bringing real-time recognition and analytics to anyone with the CT Suite.

“We are constrained by the ability to share the data to gamify! Datagamz platform is awesome it allowed us to upload the stats and gamify key metrics. Our operations teams are in love with Datagamz as it has become the core performance tool to run operations.”

Maintain connectivity in remote work

Keep your team connected and inspired