How do you ensure your teams have enough knowledge to achieve FCR and great CSAT? Make them champions of product and procedures!

Datagamz sophisticated and in depth quiz functionality allows all leaders and specialist to upskill and train agents on as many subject areas they require. Agents can answer quizzes, view the results, learn from them and get rewarded all from the comfort of their desk. You’ll have a team of knowledge guru’s in no time!

How can You Empower Your Leaders to Ensure They have a High Performing Team?

Datagamz quiz module allows all leaders to quiz different types of users. Quiz new starters on HR and WFM processes. Quiz tenured staff on escalation processes. Ensure everyone growth is targeted and expectations are realistic. Keeping that balance will ensure teams are engaged with enhancing their knowledge.

How do You Know what Area of Knowledge is Suffering?

Datagamz quiz analytics allows Quality and L&D managers to easily view and export quiz results to identify the root cause. Once they have this 360 degrees view, a clear strategy is set in closing the knowledge gap.

How do You Foster Knowledge Growth?

Datagamz rewards agents for completing quizzes and for achieving great quiz results. If agents are kicking goals, they will also achieve knowledge badges which can also assist with career progression. Agents thrives on knowledge!

How can You Increase the Enthusiasm in My Team with Going from Good to Great?

Get into a great operating rhythm by using the timers within Datagamz quiz module to set a time and day throughout the week for recurring quizzes.

“Datagamz plug and play Avaya eLite connector allowed us to get performance insights and drive employee engagement through gamification instantly. Challenges, badges, and quizzes made our agents knowledgeable. Absolutely love it!!!”

Let’s get to work

Finally get the results you’re after, and build the high-performing culture you’ve been waiting for today.