Lets See data, understand employee behavior and drive engagement!

Datagamz is not another data visualization or Gamification app. We are a performance management platform that uses data science to combine data visuals, behavior science and Gamification.

Understand Agent Behaviours that Drive CX

  • Datagamz is patent pending technology that understands KPIs and translates them into potential performance improvements for individuals and teams
  • Our algorithms will clearly highlight gaps in terms of employee collaboration, communication, and motivation

Supervisors Focus on Coaching not Reporting

  • Datagamz analytics allows supervisors to focus on agent behaviors as opposed to focusing on report creation
  • Remote or non remote supervisors get insights that help drive performance and engagement

Build Your Own Reports using Microsoft Power BI

  • Datagamz have partnered up with Microsoft to deliver you a sophisticated data warehouse of your own
  • An easy-to-use, drag and drop interface
  • Schedule and delivery via email as a clean Excel workbook or PDF
  • Connect multiple data sources with your contact centre stats to really analyse 360 degree performance

“Datagamz Team built an entire PowerBI analytics solution for us in and under 5 days using contact center, WFM, survey, and quality data. Data from analytics reports are used to gamify agent performance. We saw ROI in under 90 days! Awesome team and awesome change management methodology. Love this solution.”


Let’s get to work

Finally get the results you’re after, and build the high-performing culture you’ve been waiting for today.