Introducing livedcx: the AI-powered lived Customer Experience intelligence platform.

There is a disconnect at the heart of great customer experience. The customer’s actual experience (livedCX) often diverges from the designed experience, revealing gaps between the intended seamless journey and the actual, often imperfect, interactions customers face. Understanding these differences is challenging, often creating uncertainty in identifying areas for business improvement, simplification or automation

This is where our AI-powered LivedCX platform comes in.

We’re on a Mission to Unlock Value in Your
Customer Experience!

Fuelled by data that describes the actual customer experience, and real cost to serve, we enable intelligent business decisions and drive your customer experience improvement and modernisation roadmap.

Using the power of Gen-AI, and advanced data and process mining tools, we track the actual experience of your customers as they navigate multiple touchpoints to achieve their objectives. We do this to identify points of failure, friction or disconnect in the experience, and provide intelligent recommendations and insights on agent and digital performance, process improvement and opportunities for automation.

Improve CX & CSAT

Reduce Cost to Serve

Improve & Automate Processes

Monitor & Assure Performance

Get visibility into the real drivers of customer interaction

Track the lived experience of customers as they navigate across multiple touchpoints to achieve their objectives. Stich these journeys together to identify the true reasons behind every customer interaction.

Root Cause Analysis

Cost per Interaction

CSAT & Resolution

Map every Customer Interaction

Understand Lived Customer Experience

Create an optimal Customer Interaction.

Understand the real journey experience by your customers, across multiple touchpoints

Using Gen-AI to create a detailed map of your customer interaction journey as they navigate across multiple touchpoints. Understand the differences in lived experience to the intended designed experience, informing and optimising your CX design process.

Manage your experience with easy-to-use operational KPIs delivered in real time

Measure the impact of every customer interaction on CX, customer effort, cost to serve, and lost sales opportunities.

Operational Performance

Agent Performance

CX & CSAT Performance

CX Improvement Opportunities

Reduce Cost to Serve

Recommend & Simulate Process Automation

Unlock value with intelligent recommendations for People, Process & Technology improvement

Recommends opportunities across People, Process and Technology to improve CX, reduce operational costs and simplify the experience through process automation.

Assure Digital & Self-Help channels to make sure they deliver to customer expectations

Track the actual experience of your customers as they navigate across your digital & self-help channels to identify failure, friction or disconnect in the experience.

Monitor Customer Interaction Performance

Understand Impact of Changes

Assure Digital & Self-Help Channels