Contests create a sense of urgency in your teams.

Take your sales teams to the next level by challenging them with other departments, each other, or the organization as a whole.

Why Sales Contests?

Whether you run a call blitz, quarterly contest or President’s Club, chances are you already use sales contests to motivate your reps and drive business. However, if you’re like many busy sales leaders, you just don’t have the time to create and run contests as much as you would like. Hoopla’s variety of pre-built challenges make set up a breeze, so sales leaders can keep the competitive momentum going.

Types of Sales Contests


Challenge your reps on certain goals.

Identify key metrics to aim for and challenge them to get to that metric by an end date. When the whole team is involved, you can really see who stands out.

  • Accelerate performance by setting specific goals for specific dates.
  • Empower people to initiate battles to compete with their peers.
  • Increase your results on the most important metrics.

Let the best team win.

Recreate the excitement of the Final Four or College Football Playoffs with tournament-style contests, promoting a motivating atmosphere for each department and team.

  • Get up to 64 reps playing in a tournament.
  • Select a metric and watch as your teams work to be number one.
  • Make their workday more engaging with gamification.

Who’ll get there first?

Races supercharge your teams’ efforts to reach a certain milestone. Set a goal and watch employees compete to be the first to reach it.

  • Speed up your close rates and deal activity with short-term races.
  • Compete head-to-head or within your department.
  • Focus your team on one simple goal, increasing motivation and engagement.

Face your peers.

Ignite challenges for two, or let your reps initiate face-offs themselves to encourage friendly competition throughout your department.

  • Build competitive teams with two-person contests.
  • Select a metric and a time frame, and become a champion.
  • Hit your goals and have fun doing it.

“Hoopla has been huge for our sales culture by reinforcing the really collaborative, competitive atmosphere that we wanted.”

—Mike Krilich, Director of Sales Operations, New Relic

Let’s get to work.

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