Automate the hype in your office.

Excite your workspace by broadcasting your teams’ success across multiple devices in your organization. Our Newsflashes highlight key wins as they happen, celebrating your reps with the recognition they deserve.

Real-time Recognition

Celebrate the moment.

Employees want to be recognized the moment they achieve their goal. The sooner the better. With real-time recognition features like deal alerts, your team can be celebrated the moment they hit their numbers.

  • Keep up the momentum with newsflashes.
  • Empower your reps to choose a theme song or GIF.
  • Broadcast the achievement across the organization.
Celebrations and Goals

Keep the good times rolling.

Celebrating great achievements reinforces your cultural values and key behaviors for top performers. When your top talent is celebrated after achieving a goal, the rest of the team gets a model of what winning looks like.

  • Reinforce your values and key behaviors.
  • Change short-term habits into long-term values.
  • Receive newsflashes on peers’ phones to incite more winning.
Achievement Pile-ons

Make winning social.

Peer recognition is an important component of the gamification methodology. By integrating Hoopla into your culture, sales teams congratulate each other and create a sense of healthy competition.

  • Capture social and cultural values.
  • Create a team atmosphere, even for remote employees.
  • Let others recognize the team — from the bottom up.

“Hoopla keeps the sales floor buzzing. I love how you can have a song attached to a closed deal or opportunity created, and it’s super-easy to update so you can let your colleagues know who’s closing or building business.”

—Mike E., Account Executive, Computer Software Firm

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